Other Kids…

Everybody can make a difference – so can these kids! I read about these kids in magazines called Highlights. Here are some stories.

Rachel Obergh: You love to ride carousels, right? Meet Rachel, your carousel lifesaver. She saved a carousel.  This carousel was out of business, and she got it back into business by saving up pennies.

Tobi Agbede: Haiti‘s hero.   Tobi collected money in his school to send to Haiti.

OMG Kids: They started a website help animals.  They felt so connected to animals that they wanted people to understand them.

Zoe Harvey: Zoe has read 12 chapter books for her Read to Feed read-a-thon, and she has three sponsors who are giving her up to $30 each!

-Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary: Only a little more than a week to go in our read-a-thon!  Hope everyone is having a great time collecting stories and sponsors for Heifer International.  And we hope to see you at our Stone Soup wrap-up party next week!




Amazing Recycling Art!

Well, it was amazing!  I went the other day with my family to a museum at a college.

In one show, we were allowed to bounce around in these cool bean bags.  They were humongous!  There were these little glass balls with ecosystems inside.  The artist had planted trees in the show!  This show made me think about the environment.

In the next show, there were recycled masks.  One was made out of a telephone!  They had these photographs of oil fields, and they looked terrible because it looked like a black lake, and some of it was on fire.  And there was a really recycling one: bottles strung together with wire, and there were thousands of empty water and soda bottles.  It was recycling a lot of bottles!  I think this show was good for the entire planet.  I think they used that stuff because that’s what they had access to.  But it made the work better than ever.

In the elevator there were huge light balls, and they changed color when they heard your voice!

-Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary: We’re talking about this show on our Roots & Shoots group site because in one of our meetings, people said they were interested in creating art made out of recycled materials.  So we thought you might like to know about these shows!

Saratoga is just under 2 hours away, and if you want to splurge on a delicious, locovore lunch while you’re there, you should check out Max London’s, too.  We stumbled upon it, and the grass-fed cheeseburgers  were goooood.  No matter what, don’t miss the bakery next door!

The museum was extremely child-friendly – the security guards were almost like a bunch of grandmas dying to see children… even towards our potentially-destructive toddler.  We learned, too, that they have family programs every Saturday for children ages 5+.  The programs are free and open to the public, and you can call to reserve a spot the week before the program you want to do.  We’ll be going back for the recycled mask project!  Maybe we’ll see you there?

I Meet Jane Goodall at NYU

NYU - Feb 7, 2011 073

Well, first, we went to a science fair. We saw some really good excibets and I got a free piece of choclate. When we got to the place where Jane Goodall would   speak, several people spoke before her. They talked about science, and a very speical person who loved it. Although she died in her early thirty’s,  her love for  science has stereched throughout the world. (For you see, she travled many places in her life.)  And one of the people said that when she was five, Jhumki thought she was half gorilla. And then, Jane Goodall came up, she talked about science too, but she also talked about her life. When she was five, she discovered how a hen lays an egg (with her family being very worried because she was not at home for hours) by hiding in the hen house and watching a hen.  Also, she talked about a parrot who could say more than a thousand words!

-Flash Girl