15 Kids, 600 Hours, Guess How Much We Raised?!

Thank you to all the people who did the read-a-thon, and to the people who sponsored us.  Because we raised almost $1400 for the World Wildlife Fund!  That’s $200 more than last year!  Watch this cool movie to find out more…


P.S. from Hillary: Check back next week to see which endangered animals all this money went to save!

P.P.S. from Hillary:  Please excuse the typos and little blips in the film editing.  There was a lot of late-night editing involved.


I Meet Jane Goodall at NYU

NYU - Feb 7, 2011 073

Well, first, we went to a science fair. We saw some really good excibets and I got a free piece of choclate. When we got to the place where Jane Goodall would   speak, several people spoke before her. They talked about science, and a very speical person who loved it. Although she died in her early thirty’s,  her love for  science has stereched throughout the world. (For you see, she travled many places in her life.)  And one of the people said that when she was five, Jhumki thought she was half gorilla. And then, Jane Goodall came up, she talked about science too, but she also talked about her life. When she was five, she discovered how a hen lays an egg (with her family being very worried because she was not at home for hours) by hiding in the hen house and watching a hen.  Also, she talked about a parrot who could say more than a thousand words!

-Flash Girl

Contribute to our Magazine

Do you want one of your articles about animals to be in a magazine? You can write one out, send it to me, and I’ll put it in a magazine I’m making!

You can also put in photographs, drawings, poems, and even ads you’ve heard about animals!  So we have a comic about polar bears, a poem about owls, a movie review about whales, a story about the life of Jane Goodall, and an article about our zoology trip to the Trevor Zoo!

We’re going to put it all together, sell copies and use the money to adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund.  As a special gift, they will give us a stuffed animal for our group!  (We’re hoping to get the tiger cubs!)  So send us stuff right away!

By Flash Girl

New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I am grateful for the dreams I have.

I am grateful for a nice family.

I hope one day I’ll eat the moon because it is made of cheese.

I hope one day Sabine will stop playing with the salt and pepper shakers.

I hope one day I’ll finish writing the books I start.

I hope one day I’ll have Roman clothing like a Roman girl.

I wish people would stop fighting.

I wish people would stop killing animals.

I will go outside to get fresh air every day.

By Flash Girl

P.S. Happy New Year!

Songwriting Workshop with Ida

Everybody said something they liked.  Irina and Gueneviere liked cereal, I think.  Alana liked Chinese food.  Gael liked his friend, Bo’s, house.  And I thought I had a wizard in my shoe!  And somebody liked peace for the whole wide world.  We made all that into a song.  We wrote everything people liked down on a piece of paper, and then we found the tune.  You see, Ida was leading it.  Ida is a homeschool mom.  She’s really good at playing the guitar.  We wrote a song for Roots & Shoots so that people would hear the song and say, “Oh, I don’t want to hurt the world anymore!”  Art can help the world, too, you know.  And if you want to hear the song, you’ll have to come to Ten Broeck.  We’re going to throw a birthday party for Martin Luther King with my great-grandma and her friends there!

By Flash Girl

The Little Brown Bat

We were driving in the car the other day, and we heard a story on NPR.  White-nose syndrome was discovered in New York state.  It is killing off all the little brown bats.  Nobody knows where it came from, but they think it might be a fungus.  But what kind of fungus is the question.

People think that the little brown bat should be put on the endangered animals list because they think that will help them.  So do I.  Do you?

By Zoe Flash

The First Meeting of Hudson Valley Homeschool Roots & Shoots

In October, we went on a hike to pick up trash.  But there was no trash!  We got to the top of a beautiful hill and played some games.  We talked about the environment and Roots & Shoots.  We also said what we were worried about and what we wanted to save.  Our friend Jo, Benny’s mom, made this movie about it…

By Flash Girl

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