Reading for the Kids in Afghanistan

For our Read-a-thon, we decided to raise money for the kids in Afghanistan. These children are in refugee camps because of the ten-year war in their country. But this is not the fun camp you go to in the summer. The refugees live in tents during winter and are freezing. They have hardly any coats, blankets, food or medicine. Many kids die from the cold. In fact, last year at least 100 children died in refugee camps.

Now you may be asking,”Why help the kids in Afghanistan? Why not help the kids in Africa or Haiti, or right here in America?” Well here’s the thing; if we go one step at a time and each help a cause we really want to help, and if you combine all that, then you’ll see we have all made a difference in the world together.  One person’s $20 to support one of our readers might not feel like a lot.  But when you put it with everyone else’s contributions, it can really help.


HVHS Readers 2013_0007s

7 of our 12 readers (+1 baby brother), ready to begin!

Recap from yesterday’s read-a-thon launch meeting from Hillary:

We started with a game to get to know each other better where we had 
to self-edit into groups who either agreed, disagreed or were undecided on
various issues.  Issues were as simple as "I prefer night to day", as 
complex as "It is necessary to get a college degree to lead a happy,
productive life" and as fun as "I would rather be a forest than an ocean." 
We talked about how it felt to make those kinds of value judgements on
the spot and how our minds were sometimes changed based on what we saw 
others in the room choosing.

We discussed the four options people brought to the table: the SPCA (the 
local Dutchess County shelter is a no-kill facility); local wildlife
rehabilitation centers (the one we're going to visit in Saugerties in February); 
Global Giving; and the idea of giving aid to children in the refugee camps 
in Afghanistan.  All the ideas were interesting to the kids, and all the 
organizations are amazingly deserving.  In the end, the vote ended up 5 for 
Afghani kids, 3 for wildlife rehab centers, and 1 for Global Giving.  (It was 
a kids-only vote.)  We also touched upon the ideas of giving locally versus 
nationally/internationally, and giving 100% of your donation to a cause/paying 
organizations' overhead costs. 

We also talked about the calendar and figured out which projects we'd like
to schedule in for the spring.  Just wait and see!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Judith Emilie
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 12:48:45

    I’m with you, Zoe! Count me in!
    Love, Pata


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