An International Picnic Hike

Zoe: Last week we went on a picnic with a few of our friends.  It was on the Rail Trail in Kingston, which has a lot of copperheads and bunnies.  But we didn’t see any.  I’m very scared of bunnies, of course!  🙂

Sabine: The path was grassy, and you know what we saw?  A waterfall!

Zoe: And there was a swamp with a couch in it!

Sabine:  And mud!

Zoe:  And then we got to an art gallery.  It was right under the thruway in a tunnel!  It was made by a bunch of artists called teenagers, and they were inspired by Keith Haring and Basquiat (ok, my mom wrote that last part).  And then we finally found our destination: the field where we would picnic and play games.

Sabine: We played dreidel for candies!

Zoe: Because my great-great grandparents came here from Russia to escape the czar who hated Jewish people.  Milo and Conrad presented London Bridge for us to play.  Did you know, it’s been around since the middle ages?

Sabine: We played the bridge falling down and hide-n-seek!

Zoe: We ate raspberry-apple kugel from our family, and scones from Milo and Conrad.  Morgan and his family brought a bunch of yummy snacks.

Sabine: I liked the whipped cream on all of it, and I licked it and bit it!

Zoe: We talked about…

Sabine: We talked about hugging mommy.

Zoe: We talked about where each person’s family came from.  Almost everyone came from Europe.  Except my mom’s family also came from Russia.

Sabine: My favorite part was pulling fingers.  That was my favorite part.  And I hold hands with them (Milo and Conrad), and then I pull their fingers again.  And then I hold hands with them.  And biting mommy.

Zoe: My favorite part was when we went through the art gallery on the way back screaming our heads off just for the heck of it.

-A Zoe-and-Sabine report courtesy of the Associated Press