Onteora Lake Fun

At Onteora Lake we met our tour guide, Nick Martin.  As we walked around the lake and in the woods, we found lots of little creatures.  We saw a chipmunk scurrying through the woods.  We saw a millipede walk across the trail.  We saw a toad hop from my hat into a fire pit!  (There was no fire at the time.).  We saw a snake periscoping in the water.  (It was like Nick was charming him!)  We saw dragonflies everywhere!  And a frog in a small brook.  And a tree that a beaver had taken down.

Nick taught us lots of fun games about listening, which helped us to be more aware of our surroundings so we could hear and find the animals.

When we were hiking in the woods, there was a little mailbox-thingy.  You’d take out a binder, and you’d write your name, address and how many people were in your group.  Then when you came back, if you came back, you would make a check-mark to show that you safely were leaving the trail.  It’s a little rescue thing so that they know who you are, and if you go missing, they can find you!

I got 8 mosquito bites.  My mom has 3.  My little sister, Sabine, has 18!  And even though he was the juiciest, Iggy doesn’t have any because my mom karate-chopped them off him while she wore him!


P.S. What was funny and good was that in our group, there were three girls the same age with their little siblings, who were all the same age, too.


Readers Re-Unite!

Today the readers from the read-a-thon got together again.  The World Wildlife Fund sent us plushes of the endangered species we helped to save with our donation to thank us.  I got a blue whale!  The other kids got a dolphin, hummingbirds, seahorses, sea turtles, pygmy elephants, a polar bear, tigers, a zebra, a wolf, an amur leopard, and a cheetah.  We got one plush for everybody!  And we got a trio of kittens for the group, along with a big tiger.

11 of our 16 readers (plus one little brother).  Not pictured: William, Bastien, Emma, Kayla and Lora.  We missed you guys!

They also sent us this sweet letter.

You’re never too old to play with stuffed animals!


Take Action for Endangered Animals

Knowing how much the kids care about saving endangered species, I thought I’d post this call for action from the Wildlife Conservation Society:
the current House funding bill included NOTHING for some U.S.
programs that protect wildlife all over the world. It’s an unprecedented and
shocking move that would spell disaster for tigers, elephants, apes, and hundreds of
other species teetering on the brink.

We have one opportunity to reverse this dire situation. Action in the Senate Tuesday
will decide whether or not to put these vital protection programs back in the

Will you email your senators right now and speak up for wildlife?

Here’s the link:

Please don’t wait. By Tuesday afternoon it could be too late.


Thrills and Drills

The other day we built habitats for bluebirds so they could have homes.  They need homes because they are getting beaten up by starlings who take their nests.  And they need a lot of space, but people are taking up their habitats.

We want to thank one of the moms, Brooke, who had this great idea and helped us with it.  Someone gave her the kits, and she thought our Roots & Shoots group would have fun making them.  What I liked best was hammering into the wood.

Now we’re going to get together again to paint them.  We’re going to call some of our local parks to see if we can put them up there.  We hope the bluebirds enjoy these beautiful houses we made.

FUN FACT:  Bluebirds are a symbol of happiness!