15 Kids, 600 Hours, Guess How Much We Raised?!

Thank you to all the people who did the read-a-thon, and to the people who sponsored us.  Because we raised almost $1400 for the World Wildlife Fund!  That’s $200 more than last year!  Watch this cool movie to find out more…


P.S. from Hillary: Check back next week to see which endangered animals all this money went to save!

P.P.S. from Hillary:  Please excuse the typos and little blips in the film editing.  There was a lot of late-night editing involved.


A Party for the Planet and an Awesome Puppet Show

To add to the fun for our final Party for the Planet, we decided to put on a shadow puppet theater.  We chose the story of The Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling.  We rewrote the story and made the puppets.  We created the music and decided which animals would have a certain kind of song.  Mostly, I did the soundtrack, and Jayla and Emma did the puppeteering.  But in one part, Emma played the keyboard; another part, Jayla played the violin; and in one part, I did some puppeteering.  Jayla’s mom, Kerin, worked with us for a couple of weeks, and she did the narrating for the performance.  We had very few people there, but everyone who came seemed to enjoy it.  You can watch it here, too:

More about the Party for the Planet and the results of our read-a-thon in our next post and movie!