A Message from HQ

Dear Hillary,

Over two decades ago, Dr. Jane and a small group of young
Tanzanian students, started what has become a global movement of
young people dedicated to creating a better world: Jane Goodall’s
Roots & Shoots.

Writing from Tanzania this week, Dr. Jane herself, wanted to share a message with
about the the 21st anniversary of Roots & Shoots. In her message, Dr. Jane writes
about the impact of Roots & Shoots, and how it is due in large part to the hopeful
vision that each young member carries.

Read Dr. Jane’s Message Here.

You are a part of the Roots & Shoots movement, and as we head into continue this
year, our 21st anniversary year, we congratulate you and we thank you for all your
hard work and effort.

What’s your hopeful vision for the years ahead? What does a Roots
& Shoots vision look like to you? Can you see a cleaner
environment? Communities that are better for people and animals?

As we celebrate the 21st anniversary this year, we invite you to
share your vision with Dr. Jane, and the whole network. Once
again, thank you and congratulations.

Share your hopeful vision for a better world on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rsvision!

Allison Deines
National Director
Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots
the Jane Goodall Institute