My good friend and fellow Roots and Shoots member, Benny, made this movie about how the world is trying to make boys get drawn into fighting.  It is kind of like how the world is trying to lure girls into just taking care of other people and becoming the mothers of those boys who are going to war.  (Note from my mom: We wanted to post Benny’s movie here because it makes us think about things a little differently, and we thought you’d enjoy it, too!  Check it out…)

Now that I have seen this video, I think when my baby brother is born (in February) we should let him play with lots of different kinds of things so that he doesn’t have to play with just fighting stuff every single day.  That might let him know that it is better to be a fan of lots of different things instead of just one kind of thing.  Like me!  Because I like a lot of different things, including Harry Potter and a series of books called the Hunger Games.  I hope you learn from this video, just like me!



We’re the Group of the Month!

Zoe and I were recently contacted by the National Roots & Shoots org to let us know that our very own Hudson Valley Homeschool Roots & Shoots group had received another great honor: Group of the Month for November 2011! Now we have another snazzy certificate to display:

PLUS, our group has now been featured in a profile on the national site! Check it out!

Special thanks to all the moms who responded so quickly and enthusiastically to our call for model release forms (good learning experience to ask for those regularly in the future!)! They went with the group photo we took at our November Photo Workshop. Plus, one from last year’s beach clean-up.

And thanks to Benny and Emma, who also answered the interview questions! The deadline was a little too fast for our group, and it seems they were only able to use those answers that were in *exactly* on time. Sigh. But Zoe and I enjoyed reading your answers, too!

Thanks to everyone in the Hudson Valley homeschool community for your continued participation in and support of the group! We love to love the world with you!


ROAR! (Race On! A Read-a-thon)

Read-a-thon no. 2! Remember the last read-a-thon we did for Heifer International? Well, this one is about raising money for the WWF (otherwise known as the World Wildlife Fund). We’re going to adopt endangered animals!  At our meeting, we watched a movie about cute baby pandas, males and females, and I handed out popcorn in a bag. Everybody took their sign-up sheets and left afterward. I hope we really help out the WWF and thank you to everyone who is participating in the read-a-thon!  Please feel free to email me and tell me about the books you’re reading.  I have two sponsors and have already read for at least four or five hours since Friday!  Plus, I really like to read.  Have fun!


A Letter from the Phoenicia Rotary!

You know how I sent a letter to the organization that helped the victims of Hurricane Irene? Well, I got the answer a few days later, and they sent the money to the people who needed it! The letter’s down here, you can read it.


And now for the bloopers!

Zoe just loves blooper reels…

ZoeTV Episode 2: How to Help Your Neighbors Part 2

The second part of our new episode of ZoeTV is alive and kicking! This is where we hear about the amazing rescue of Joe, Judy and their beloved dog and cats from the flood and how all their neighbors and friends worked together to save their home. Plus, we hold a bake sale to raise money for the organization that helped them. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Judy and Joe for sharing their amazing story with us! And thanks to the homeschoolers who participated in this episode: Christina for introducing us to Joe and Judy; Erica, Declan and Quinn for inviting us to set up our bake sale table at the Homeschool Flea Market and Crafts Sale Extravaganza; Eugenia for donating homemade cookies and Rochelle for donating the hot-selling homemade apple chips to our bake sale; Sarahmarie and Conrad for taking a turn working the bake sale table; and to everyone who bought something from it, especially the kids (Zoe loved counting out money with you)!
To make a donation to the Phoenicia Rotary…
Phoenicia Rotary/ SHARP – The Phoenicia Rotary in coordination with SHARP has grant funds available to residents and businesses effected by the flood. If you would like to make a donation please send checks to: SHARP/Phoenicia Rotary (please note in the memo line: PHOENICIA FLOOD RELIEF), PO Box 362, Phoenicia, NY 12464.

ZoeTV Episode 2: How to Help Your Neighbor Part 1

Check out our new episode of ZoeTV! This is part 1, where we explore what Hurricane Irene meant for our neighbors and learn more about hurricanes!  (We’ll post part 2, where we hear another really amazing Hurricane Irene story and hold a bake sale to help, in the next post.)  Enjoy!

Special thanks to the homeschoolers who participated in this episode: Eugenia and Falcon, and Christina and Sage; and to our schooled friends who participated: Talulah, Evan, the Spiottas (three of whom sat quietly and patiently in the car while we chatted with mom!), and Don Potter, our hurricane expert!