Bald Eagles and Money For Heifer

The other day we went to the post office, and we mailed the money we’d collected to Heifer International.  My family gave chicks to Heifer International once before, and they sent us a postcard.  On the postcard was a picture of the people who had gotten the baby chicks.  So maybe they’ll send another postcard to us now.  If they do, we’ll show it to you here.

Click here to see bald eagles in their nest!

Bald eagles are awsome flyers. This isn’t a movie, it’s happening right now!  My grandmother found this site, and she sent it to me because she knows I love animals, and here you can watch the eagles live, sitting in their nest.  When I looked before, they were just sitting under their mother.  I think there are three or four babies.  And now they’re crawling around their nest.

-Flash Girl