Other Kids…

Everybody can make a difference – so can these kids! I read about these kids in magazines called Highlights. Here are some stories.

Rachel Obergh: You love to ride carousels, right? Meet Rachel, your carousel lifesaver. She saved a carousel.  This carousel was out of business, and she got it back into business by saving up pennies.

Tobi Agbede: Haiti‘s hero.   Tobi collected money in his school to send to Haiti.

OMG Kids: They started a website help animals.  They felt so connected to animals that they wanted people to understand them.

Zoe Harvey: Zoe has read 12 chapter books for her Read to Feed read-a-thon, and she has three sponsors who are giving her up to $30 each!

-Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary: Only a little more than a week to go in our read-a-thon!  Hope everyone is having a great time collecting stories and sponsors for Heifer International.  And we hope to see you at our Stone Soup wrap-up party next week!




Help Heifer International

My Roots-and-Shoots group is doing a read-a-thon.  We’re reading books to earn money. The money goes to Heifer International.

At this meeting, we read a book.  The book was called Beatrice’s Goat. Beatrice is a young African girl who received a goat from Heifer International. Selling the milk, Beatrice saved up enough money to go to school.  Beatrice is a real person!

We talked about what was different between us and Beatrice and what was similar.  We found out that we were more similar than different.  For example, we have markets, and so do the people in Beatrice’s town.  I said that older siblings always take care of their younger siblings, in Beatrice’s town as well as in our town.  The big thing that was different was that in Beatrice’s town, there were no cars, airplanes or trains!

Then we played a game.  I was the chicken!  We saw that if one thing wasn’t there, the other things in the environment would be affected.  For example, if the chicken didn’t exist, then the person wouldn’t have anything to eat.  So then the person wouldn’t exist.  And so on.

We also watched a movie about children who received animals from Heifer International.  The animals helped them keep warm, go to school, and eat.  Stuff like that.  And they were very good to the animals.  They took care of them.

I have read four chapter books so far.  But I might as well read many more because I can read a chapter book in a day sometimes!  And I have two sponsors!  And there are twenty kids doing it with me!  I can’t wait to see how many books they read and what animal we’re going to pick out.  We’re going to vote on which animal to donate at our Stone Soup party in April.  We’re going to make real Stone Soup.  And we’re going to have a feast.  Dress up, if you’d like!

-Flash Girl