Amazing Recycling Art!

Well, it was amazing!  I went the other day with my family to a museum at a college.

In one show, we were allowed to bounce around in these cool bean bags.  They were humongous!  There were these little glass balls with ecosystems inside.  The artist had planted trees in the show!  This show made me think about the environment.

In the next show, there were recycled masks.  One was made out of a telephone!  They had these photographs of oil fields, and they looked terrible because it looked like a black lake, and some of it was on fire.  And there was a really recycling one: bottles strung together with wire, and there were thousands of empty water and soda bottles.  It was recycling a lot of bottles!  I think this show was good for the entire planet.  I think they used that stuff because that’s what they had access to.  But it made the work better than ever.

In the elevator there were huge light balls, and they changed color when they heard your voice!

-Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary: We’re talking about this show on our Roots & Shoots group site because in one of our meetings, people said they were interested in creating art made out of recycled materials.  So we thought you might like to know about these shows!

Saratoga is just under 2 hours away, and if you want to splurge on a delicious, locovore lunch while you’re there, you should check out Max London’s, too.  We stumbled upon it, and the grass-fed cheeseburgers  were goooood.  No matter what, don’t miss the bakery next door!

The museum was extremely child-friendly – the security guards were almost like a bunch of grandmas dying to see children… even towards our potentially-destructive toddler.  We learned, too, that they have family programs every Saturday for children ages 5+.  The programs are free and open to the public, and you can call to reserve a spot the week before the program you want to do.  We’ll be going back for the recycled mask project!  Maybe we’ll see you there?


Tracking; And How To Be A Good Tracker

Have you ever heard of Nick Martin? Yesterday, my Roots & Shoots group went Tracking with him. We learned how to walk like a dog (which was pretty hard, because you have to put your back foot in the same place as your front foot. But it’s not as hard as walking like a cat because you have to walk in a straight line!) and how to tell the difference between the tracks of a squirrel and a mouse. (By the way, the difference is, a  squirrel’s footprints are bigger than a mouse’s footprints. ) My faveroite part was when I learned how to play Eagle’s Eye.  It taught us how to see and hear things.

Thank you, Nick! We loved it!

-Flash Girl

P.S. Here’s a riddle from our detective journals: What’s the same size and shape as an elephant, but weighs nothing?  Write your answer in the comments!

Happy Birthday, Roots & Shoots!


I Meet Jane Goodall at NYU

NYU - Feb 7, 2011 073

Well, first, we went to a science fair. We saw some really good excibets and I got a free piece of choclate. When we got to the place where Jane Goodall would   speak, several people spoke before her. They talked about science, and a very speical person who loved it. Although she died in her early thirty’s,  her love for  science has stereched throughout the world. (For you see, she travled many places in her life.)  And one of the people said that when she was five, Jhumki thought she was half gorilla. And then, Jane Goodall came up, she talked about science too, but she also talked about her life. When she was five, she discovered how a hen lays an egg (with her family being very worried because she was not at home for hours) by hiding in the hen house and watching a hen.  Also, she talked about a parrot who could say more than a thousand words!

-Flash Girl

Good News for the Orangutan

Recently, Zoe’s grandfather brought her an issue of Smithsonian Magazine.  Knowing her desire to become an animal scientist, he wanted her to see an article about a scientist who devoted her life to the endangered orangutan.  It was a great read!  (Next, I’ll have to show Zoe this article on lynxes!)

And now, serendipitously, I got this news from Greenpeace:

Dear Hillary,

The palm oil branch of Sinar Mas, Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), just unveiled a plan
to stop destroying forests and peatlands in Indonesia. For years their plantations
fueled rainforest destruction across Indonesia, but this week they promised to
change all of that.

I honestly can't believe I just wrote that sentence. This is something that a year
ago would have been unimaginable. But here we are. If properly implemented, the plan
announced by GAR could be an historic step toward full forest and peatland
protection in Indonesia and could also mean the survival of endangered wildlife like
the orangutan. 

For the last three years Greenpeace has been pressuring GAR by convincing large palm
oil buyers to cancel their contracts. It worked. Together we got the world's largest
food company (Nestle) and the world's largest bank (HSBC), a global restaurant brand
(Burger King) and one of the largest buyers of palm oil on the planet (Unilever) to
take action. Thanks to supporters around the world, we now have a ground-breaking
commitment from GAR.

However, this commitment will mean nothing without implementation. Help Greenpeace
make sure Sinar Mas follows through with their plan to save the forests by making
your most generous contribution right now.

In many ways, our work has just begun. We can't protect the orangutan and other
endangered species and achieve our goal of zero deforestation in Indonesia by 2015
if Sinar Mas doesn't follow through with their plan. That's why we have to make sure
they do it. This piece of the work is every bit as important as the campaign that
got us here.

And while this is a moment to celebrate, we aren't out of the woods just yet with
Sinar Mas. It's a massive conglomerate and this deal is only with its palm oil
branch. Their paper arm -- Asia Pulp & Paper -- is still destroying the forest
unabated. That is unacceptable, and it is something we intend to change with your

Without your support to we cannot continue our work in Indonesia and keep the
pressure up on Sinar Mas. Please send us your most generous contribution right now.
Together we can save these precious forests and the amazing creatures and people who
depend on them.

For the forests,

Rolf Skar
Greenpeace Forest Campaigner

Contribute to our Magazine

Do you want one of your articles about animals to be in a magazine? You can write one out, send it to me, and I’ll put it in a magazine I’m making!

You can also put in photographs, drawings, poems, and even ads you’ve heard about animals!  So we have a comic about polar bears, a poem about owls, a movie review about whales, a story about the life of Jane Goodall, and an article about our zoology trip to the Trevor Zoo!

We’re going to put it all together, sell copies and use the money to adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund.  As a special gift, they will give us a stuffed animal for our group!  (We’re hoping to get the tiger cubs!)  So send us stuff right away!

By Flash Girl