All Animal Review

I want to tell you about some movies and the Museum of Natural History.  I want to tell you guys about it because these things are fun, and because you might like them.

Missing Lynx

This is a very funny story! It all starts out with this lynx that has been to a place where people help animals about 35 times!  If it got stuck in a trap, they would come and heal him.  He had been there so many times because he always got into trouble.  On his 36th time there, he meets a girl lynx, and I think they start to fall in love or something! Then one night, they’re kidnapped by a man who wants to be like Noah of Noah’s  Ark.  He wants to put them on a boat in cages and bring them to an island where they won’t get extinct. Watch the movie to find out what happens next!

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

This is a good story, if I had a Favorite Movies list, this movie would be at the top. It all starts out with three siblings,(who are owlets) and their names are Soran, Clod, and Egglinteen. They had a happy life, living with their parents and their nursemaid (a snake) until one day, they’re kidnapped by two big owls and are brought somewhere! Watch the movie to find out what happens next!

No one under the age of 4 should watch these movies because they might be scary.

American Museum of Natural History in NYC – The Butterfly Conservatory

I went to the Museum of Natural History. There was a Butterfly Conservatory. One flew up and landed on my back.  It walked up my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. Then it flew away before mom could videotape it.  I guess I was very still.  There was a woman there who was telling the kids about the butterflies.  She told us that you can’t tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly anymore by how it lands.  Because butterflies also land with their wings spread out when they need to get warmed up.  I liked the Butterfly Conservatory because the butterflies were very beautiful and very colorful.  You can see it in this movie:

by Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary: Another homeschooling mom recommended the latest episode of Nature on PBS for anyone interested in birds.  We’re definitely going to check this out, and it seems like there are lots of cool episodes that you can watch online!  Thanks Beatrix!

P.P.S. from Hillary:  We’re sorry our animal tracking adventure for this week was canceled.  It was very, very, very cold, and we came down with colds.  But we hope to reschedule it for sometime soon!


Happy Birthday MLK

Our Roots & Shoots group went to Ten Broeck Commons for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthdayTen Broeck Commons is a place where people take care of older people when they can’t take care of themselves anymore.  My great-grandma lives there, so I go there all the time, and I know how important it is for her and her friends to be visited there.

We sang many songs and handed them cupcakes, big chocolate-chip cookies, and little chocolate-chip cookies.  I held a tray of cupcakes while my friend Emma gave everyone a cupcake.  Irina baked cookies that morning.  They were really good.  I tasted one.

We made posters about important black people and showed them.  I had a poster about a lot of important black people.  My friend, Benny, had a poster about Sojourner Truth.  And my friend, Emma, has a poster about Louie Armstrong.  You can hear us talk about our posters in this video.

Going to Ten Broeck made me feel happy because it made the people there happy.  It was fun to sing all the songs.  And my favorite part was playing chase around the tables with my friends, and making the people laugh.

Thank you to everyone for coming and having a great time.

-Flash Girl

(A note from Hillary:  Thank you to Irina, Benny, Emma and Eli for joining our service project!  It was great to see your posters, hear your presentations and taste the yummy foods you brought to share!  And thank you to Randi, Fergi, Jo and Melissa for your enthusiasm and support!  And a special thank-you to Ida and Mance for being with us in spirit!  And to Heather over at Ten Broeck for welcoming us and helping facilitate our visit!  We’re looking forward to coming back again soon!)

Help the Chimpanzees! And other recommendations…

On  January  4th,  2011,  I saw movies about Jane  Goodall  saving  Chimps,  and I wanted  to  help!  Thank  you  to  Jane  Goodall for sending the link in an email to my mom.  I discovered  Chimpanzees  are  endangered,  with  people  cutting  down trees.   And  people  who  kill  them for meat.  Jane saves them by bringing them to a sanctuary for a while.  The sanctuary is in a country called the Congo on the continent of Africa.

To learn more about endangered animals, you can get a really cool book out of the library.  It’s called, Will We Miss Them?  Endangered Species by Alexandra Wright, illustrated by Marshall Peck III.  It has all kinds of different animals in it, such as mountain gorillas, African elephants and the black rhino.  I was surprised to learn that the bald eagle is endangered.  I liked it because it tells you all about the endangered animals.  I recommend that other people should read it because it’s a very good book!  And also, Alexandra Wright was 11 years old when she wrote that book!  That is cool!

I also think you should read a book called Winter’s Tail.  It is about a little dolphin who got stuck in a fishing net, and her tail got caught.  The next thing she knew, she was at a sanctuary.  This book is told by Julia Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff and Craig Hatkoff.  (I think that they are one big family!)  They also wrote other books about animals.  And all the books are amazing stories about animals that do things that animals don’t normally do.  I liked it because it was a very cute book about one dolphin who learned to swim again.  Read it, there’s a surprise!

By Flash Girl