New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I am grateful for the dreams I have.

I am grateful for a nice family.

I hope one day I’ll eat the moon because it is made of cheese.

I hope one day Sabine will stop playing with the salt and pepper shakers.

I hope one day I’ll finish writing the books I start.

I hope one day I’ll have Roman clothing like a Roman girl.

I wish people would stop fighting.

I wish people would stop killing animals.

I will go outside to get fresh air every day.

By Flash Girl

P.S. Happy New Year!



PetsAlive is a sanctuary where animals live.  They have cats, dogs, goats, sheep and horses. Fun fact: There was a horse there that was a Central Park carriage horse, but he retired. The animals are not in cages, and they don’t put the animals down, they just take care of them.  Putting down animals means that you’re going to give them a shot that makes them go to sleep, but it also kills them.  They do that because the animal is mean or something.  (Note from my mom:  They also put animals down when there are just too many to take care of.  But one of the big things that PetsAlive does is to adopt animals that were put on the line to be euthanized.  They bring them to the sanctuary, take care of them or find permanent homes for them.  Last year, PetsAlive placed 1000 animals in loving homes!)

That’s where we saw the Mona Lisa slide.  Fun fact: The Mona Lisa slide is a slide that a girl dog named Mona Lisa did down the couch. PetsAlive let us bring blankets that we had knit for the animals.  We also brought food and love.  You can see the movie.

My favorite part was when I got to pet some of the cats.

It made me feel in the middle when I visited them because I felt sorry that they didn’t have a family to love them and to visit them.  But I was also happy because they were alive.  The sanctuary seemed like a nice place to live because they had a sunroom and a kitchen just filled with cats!  And I felt happy for the horses because it looked like they had a nice home.  I felt sad for one of them because that horse only had one eye.  Fun fact:  Did you know that that horse who had only one eye was 30 years old?!  That’s old for a horse!

And the women at PetsAlive gave us something back: donuts!  And gift bags.  They were grateful that we came to visit them.  And it was very, very, very, very, very fun!

By Flash Girl

P.S.  Remember to never give a dog a raisin.  My aunt’s dog, Daisy, got fed raisins by my little cousin (she was only three), and the dog got sick, so they had to take her to the hospital.  But she was ok.

Message from the Roots & Shoots Org

Dear Hillary, 

We hope this message finds you healthy, happy and enjoying the holiday
season. As we're  heading into the New Year, I would like congratulate
all Roots & Shoots on our great accomplishments in 2010! 

We are so proud of you for committing to making a positive difference
through Roots & Shoots, and we hope you're carrying that commitment
through the holidays.

Dr. Jane and all of us here at the Jane Goodall Institute extend our
sincerest thanks to you for an incredible year of service for people,
animals and the environment. We wish you, all of your group members
and your mentors, the absolute best this season.  

Congratulations, and let's keep up the good work in 2011!

Allison Deines
National Director, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots
the Jane Goodall Institute

Songwriting Workshop with Ida

Everybody said something they liked.  Irina and Gueneviere liked cereal, I think.  Alana liked Chinese food.  Gael liked his friend, Bo’s, house.  And I thought I had a wizard in my shoe!  And somebody liked peace for the whole wide world.  We made all that into a song.  We wrote everything people liked down on a piece of paper, and then we found the tune.  You see, Ida was leading it.  Ida is a homeschool mom.  She’s really good at playing the guitar.  We wrote a song for Roots & Shoots so that people would hear the song and say, “Oh, I don’t want to hurt the world anymore!”  Art can help the world, too, you know.  And if you want to hear the song, you’ll have to come to Ten Broeck.  We’re going to throw a birthday party for Martin Luther King with my great-grandma and her friends there!

By Flash Girl

SOS for Tigers

I went to the Esopus Library with my friends.  We wrote letters to Hillary Clinton asking her to go to the Tiger Summit.  We drew pictures of tigers, watched movies about tigers and put stickers of tigers on the cards.  We wanted to save tigers because they’re endangered.  They might not be in the world in like a year.  And if there were no tigers, there would be too many antelopes and stuff like that.  And that was our tiger meeting in early November!

By Flash Girl

P.S. from Hillary (Harvey, that is): Here’s an update on the outcome of the Tiger Summit.  If we get a letter back from Mrs. Clinton, we’ll post it here.

The Little Brown Bat

We were driving in the car the other day, and we heard a story on NPR.  White-nose syndrome was discovered in New York state.  It is killing off all the little brown bats.  Nobody knows where it came from, but they think it might be a fungus.  But what kind of fungus is the question.

People think that the little brown bat should be put on the endangered animals list because they think that will help them.  So do I.  Do you?

By Zoe Flash

Stitch & Ditch

In October we went to a beach on the Hudson River to pick up trash.  We all said an endangered animal that we want to save.  I said I wanted to protect linxes, polar bears, pandas and cheetahs.  (Everyone’s killing cheetahs just to make coats!)  We played a zombie game and people almost walked into the river!  They had their eyes closed, but then people opened their eyes and said, “Stop!”  Then we started to knit blankets for animals at the animal shelter.  Then we played on the playground because there’s a playground there.

By Zoe Flash

One more thing: we saw a lot of cigarette butts.  All the trash had washed up on the beach from the river.

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